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​Design Studio CHAN & Partners, Architectural Design Interior Design, Exterior Design, Product Design, Landscape Design 


Design studio CHAN& partners INC.respecting the traditional style is free thinking and emphasis on modern elements, and to the overall balance a priority. This is a shared vision of the client to establish the concept of space hade to match the branding is a very important factor. This is simply a new product area and not the abstract meaning in fact with a variety of businesses and customers, material development, in descending a new definition of design has been a very important process.


Design features of theCHAN& partners INC. is an organic relationship, emotion making colors and materials, visual attraction between man and space. This is one way to approach the design process, you can realize with us, that is also functional in-depth study in progress. Our design has been completed storyboards are always new discoveries and unpredictable elements merge. This haejugo to announce the result of unexpected surprises, it takes on the cause to see a smile, it will be the product space and had a soft spot from the moment the hand touches.

We are currently expanding the activity areas such as interior design, creative direction and architecture, product design, real estate development consulting as a design studio.

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